Jan 26, 2021
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6 Ways A Landing Page Builder Can Improve Your Conversion Rate & More

Your landing page is the first thing your customers will see when visiting your site, so it's important that it's attractive.

Before we describe how a landing page builder can help improve your website, let us ask you a question: Did you know that 75% of your store’s credibility comes from how it looks?

Well, you do now.

And you may not be that surprised. How many times have you clicked onto an ancient looking website and were scrambling for the back button within seconds?

You already know that design is important, but exactly how important is it?  

Amongst all these powerful design stats, the last one is the most significant.

A 400% increase in conversion rate has the potential to turn a small-time side hustle into a passive income machine.

And what’s the easiest way to get there? You guessed it - A landing page builder.

If you're looking for a landing page builder, then Shopify has plenty of options. But, PageFly is consistently on top of the list.

Landing page builders are so effective, in fact, that the biggest one on the Shopify App Store, PageFly, has managed to help over 60,000+ customers scale their stores.

Let’s take a look at just why Shopify page builders are so effective, and how you can leverage their 6 key attributes to increase your store's conversion rate.

6 Ways a Landing Page Builder Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

#1 - Precision Placements

This is one of the biggest advantages to using a landing page builder over the default Shopify editor.

Universally speaking, page builders are drag-and-drop systems.

This means that you can place any element of your store exactly where you want it. Not only that, but each element fits neatly into a predetermined block, so you don’t have to worry about a messy page.

You can edit the spacing options of any block to ensure that it fits into its place with pinpoint pixel precision.

Check out how it works below:

Here's how PageFly's landing page builder works. You can simply drag and drop items where you want them to be.
The drag and drop system on Pagefly in action

As you can see, I’m able to place this button exactly where I want it. I drag and drop it underneath the element I want it next to, then adjust its position with the ‘margin’ setting.

Though fairly basic, this is a feature that’s sadly lacking from the default Shopify page builder.

How does precision placing increase my conversion rate?

Well, it’s often the little things that make a big difference. Having everything in its rightful place is an enormous contributor to UX (user experience).

Like I said before, customers form their opinions about your store insanely quickly. If you’ve got skewed images, out-of-place text, or hard-to-find CTA buttons, you’re giving your user a bad experience and pushing them closer and closer to the ‘back’ button.

A seamless design from A to B; that’s the landing page to the order confirmed page; is a real game-changer in eCommerce.

#2 - A Landing Page Builder Has Templates

Everyone needs a bit of a hand when it comes to creating a design that will boost conversion rates.

Even the top designers use templates. They’re a fantastic way to begin building a store that’s based on proven, conversion-driving techniques.

Landing page builders usually have an abundance of templates for beginners and pros alike.

PageFly has over 60 page templates available, so you can choose the perfect design to match your brand.
PageFly’s template library consists of 60+ designs for every page type and niche.

How do templates increase conversion rate?

Templates don’t get to become templates without a huge amount of A/B testing.

Pretty much every element of the best templates has been A/B tested. This means the template designers have tested the size, placement, colour (etc.) of each element to see what gets the most looks and clicks.

All you have to do is download the template, replace the text, images and buttons with your content, and you’re good to go!

#3 - App Integrations

Don’t get me wrong, landing page builders are great, but none of them claim to be the whole package.

That’s where app integrations come in.

Page builders often form partnerships with other Shopify apps to offer the benefits of those apps to the users of the page builder.

For example, with PageFly, you can make use of the following trusted apps:

Need to add a 3rd party app to your page? No problem! PageFly's landing page builder allows you to easily integrate your apps on top of their beautiful page designs.
You can add 3rd party apps to any page on PageFly.
  • Reviews: Apps that display product and store reviews from happy customers, either through direct comments or comments on social media. (Growave, Judge.me, Loox…)
  • Trust seals: Apps that imbue your store with social proof and give your customers full faith in your service. (Yotpo, TRUST, Stamped.io…)
  • Upselling and cross-selling: Apps that add ‘recommended products’ or ‘these items go together’ elements to help you sell more. (Bold Commerce, WISER, LimeSpot…)

And so many more!

These integrations usually require you to download the app on the Shopify App Store first. Still, most of these are free and can add a lot to your conversion strategy.

How do app integrations increase your conversion rate?

Good landing page builders only enter into partnerships with 3rd party apps that work.

These apps must have a proven positive effect on conversion rate before they’ll be added to a page builder’s library of elements.

That doesn’t mean they’ll instantly boost your conversions the second you set them up, but they’re the crucial first step to utilising converting elements on your store.

#4 - A Landing Page Builder Has A Fully Responsive Design

Nowadays, it’s fair to say there’s no eCommerce without mCommerce.

mCommerce refers to shopping on mobile devices, which is increasingly becoming the most popular way to shop.

That means you need a store that’s responsive to different devices, especially mobile.

Landing page builders are all about responsive design. They give you the ability to optimize elements independently on different devices, meaning that you can have a slightly different look between laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

PageFly's landing page builder allows you to change how your website looks on different devices with different screens. This way you can fully optimize for mobile.
Independently make adjustments to your laptop, tablet and mobile design.

You can even have entirely different sections on mobile and laptop. You can ‘hide’ the section on mobile, then create a new section and hide that on all other devices!

How does fully responsive design increase conversion rate?

Customers will act differently on different devices. Understanding the difference between mobile behaviour and laptop behaviour on your store is crucial for conversions.

Maybe a heading looks great on laptop, but terrible on mobile. Maybe the padding of an element is great on mobile, but a total mess on laptop.

Being able to change how your site looks on different devices, based on different customer behaviours on those devices, helps you convert those customers better.

#5 - Top Quality Support

Remember, you’re never alone when it comes to making your own store. Shopify support might be sketchy at times, but a common feature of the best page builders is rapid & effective multi-channel assistance.

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed when building your store, you can reach out to many page builders’ support teams over live chat, social media or email.

You can also access a variety of resources like quick-help articles, full guides and video tips.

Here’s a video that showcases great ways to boost conversions:

How does top quality support increase conversion rates?

Well, by the simple fact that when you’re talking to landing page builder support, you’re talking to people who understand merchants, stores, and most of all, conversions.

Regardless of whether you're speaking with someone directly or watching a tip video like the one above, you’ve got access to professional advice that can help you drive sales on your store.

#6 - Analytics

There’s no overstating how valuable constant feedback can be for growth. That’s true of all aspects of life, not just boosting conversion rates.

Landing page builders often have a section of the dashboard reserved for analytics. These are the graphs, charts and percentage points that show you exactly what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong on your store.

However, page builder analytics go a step further.

These in-app analytics tell you exactly how well each CTA element on your store is converting. CTA (call-to-action) elements, the ones that inspire your prospective customer to convert into a buyer, are usually:

  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Headings
  • Text
  • Slideshows
A landing page builder will often have built-in analytics to help you decipher how each element on the page impacts your conversion rates.
A look at PageFly's in-app analytics dashboard

How do analytics increase conversion rate?

Getting the lowdown on how each of your CTA elements is performing is so crucial for developing your store into a lean, mean converting machine.

Once you’ve pinpointed which elements aren’t working as well as you want, you can use a tool like Google Optimize to do A/B testing on them.

This will reveal which element out of two is the best converter for your store. From here, you can slowly build your store on a bedrock of converting elements.

3 Passive Benefits of Using a Landing Page Builder

Venture Harbour routinely ranks some of the best landing page builder designs to help inspire you.
Image credit: Venture Harbour

It’s not all about what you do, sometimes it’s just about having the right companion to do stuff for you!

The simple act of downloading a page builder is enough to get these passive benefits; all of which can help boost your conversion rate either directly or indirectly.

  • Page performance - Landing page builders spend a great amount of resources on getting their users’ stores to load quickly. In light of the stats we mentioned before, this passive benefit can do wonders for customer retention and conversion rates.
  • Saved sections - Got a section that’s converting well? Fantastic! Page builders let you save sections like these and reuse them in other areas of your store.
  • Easy expansion - If you’re scaling up and want to open another store, page builders let you export your store’s page layouts to a JSON file. You can then upload this file to your new store to keep all of your well-performing elements in the right spots!

Want to know more about what landing page builders can do for your conversion rate?

Well, in the words of Morpheus from The Matrix: “there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

Walk your own path to better conversions by trying out the top landing page builder.

PageFly offers a free plan with access to all of its features. The only difference between the free plan and a paid plan is the number of pages you can create. If you would like to give PageFly a try, then you can download their app on the Shopify App store using the button below.

PageFly - Shopify's #1 Landing Page Builder

As you can see by their Shopify ratings below, it might be one of the best decisions you can make for your online store. It's time to take your pages to the next level.

According to the reviews, PageFly is the #1 Page Builder on Shopify and it isn't even close.

This article was written in partnership with PageFly, Shopify’s #1 page building application.

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