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Guest Blogging Guidelines

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DropCommerce is always looking for guest blog articles that bring innovative ideas, interesting content, and valuable insights to our network of e-commerce entrepreneurs. We also have an email newsletter mailing list of over 50,000 people that we may choose to feature your article on, should we feel that it is a good fit for our audience.

We recognize that these articles will usually come from other e-commerce blogs and applications, and we are fine with that as long as the content is new, and follows the following guidelines:

What We Like

- Please make sure that the topic you're suggesting is on the subject of dropshipping, e-commerce, or entrepreneurship.
- The article's title, headings (H2, H3, H4), and content should be written in an SEO-friendly way. Whenever possible, it should be written to rank for a certain keyword (& let us know what it is).
- The article should be interesting and informative, and promoting your business or service should come secondary to providing value to the readers.
- Ensure that the topic you're suggesting has not been extensively covered in a previous article.
- Proofread your article for spelling and grammatical errors. Also, try to avoid run-on sentences.
- Include images, infographics, and other visual components that can enhance the article's value. Please also confirm that you either have the right to license the image (if it isn't yours), or cite it. Or, leave the images to us if you are unsure.
- Provide attribution/citations for all data or statistics referenced in the article (using hyperlinks).
- Please write in American English, when possible. (E.g. Color over Colour, Center over Centre).

What We Dislike

- Please don't submit any plagiarized content. We won't accept it.
- Like we mentioned above, promoting your business should come secondary to providing value to the readers. Avoid being overly self-promotional.
- Needless to say, your content should not be offensive, inaccurate, or overly negative.
- No copy-pasted content. It's fine if you want to write on a subject you've already covered on your blog, but the content should be upgraded and changed. Don't just submit the exact same article.

Formatting Guidelines

- Please submit your content in a Google Doc that you send us the link for.
- Articles should be between 1500-3000 words, preferably 2000+.
- Your article can contain 2-5 external links to relevant pages/articles (including your own).
- If you would like to have an author bio next to your name at the end of the article, please include it somewhere.
- You can submit your article to If you are still coming up with ideas, feel free to reach out to verify whether or not an idea is acceptable.
Note: Our editors may make changes to the content you submit to ensure that it is formatted to our specifications, but we will submit the changes for your review before we publish it.

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