Jul 25, 2022

How to Manage Travel While Working Remotely


tay at a location for enough time to get settled

  • Travelling can be tiring, so aim to stay at a location long enough to get settled into a routine. This will help you to remain productive at work and still have enough energy to explore the area after work! Additionally, since you will be working, you will have less time to explore the area, so staying for a longer period allows you to do all the activities you want to do outside of your work hours.

Join a co-working/remote working space or travel with other remote workers

  • If you are travelling alone, try out a remote working space. These spaces can help you meet people, stay productive, and network!
  • Alternatively, if you are planning on travelling with others, try to travel with people who are also working remotely so you can work simultaneously and plan out activities more easily.

If you have a boss, be sure to let them know!

  • You don't want to have to attend meetings at midnight because you are in a different time zone or have your boss wondering why you're not answering their messages.

Make sure you maintain a routine.

  • Maintaining a routine is essential for working enough hours and remaining productive. This is easier to do if you have set hours at your job.
  • However, even if you don't work a set 8 hours in a day, it is good to set aside blocks of time to get your work done so that you don't put it off.

Be sure to plan your travel and transportation ahead of time so you aren't stuck.

  • Travelling in new locations can be unpredictable. Be sure you have planned out all of your transportation, so you aren't stuck somewhere without an internet connection and miss out on important work.

Make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection.

  • WiFi is essential for remote workers. Some locations may have slow connections, making things like zoom calls very difficult.
  • This is where remote workspaces are handy, as you can be sure there is a reliable and fast connection.

Don't forget your work clothes in case you are needed to attend a video call!

  • You don't want to make an emergency run to the store because you only have Hawaiian shirts!

Plan your activities ahead of time

  • Since you are working, you will have less time to plan activities while you are there, so be sure to plan your activities before you arrive, so you don't spend your after-work hours looking for activities or areas to explore; plan ahead so you can get exploring right after work.

Use travel as a way to save money!

  • Although it sounds impossible, working in some locations can even allow you to save money! Always check Visa requirements, but travelling to cheap areas like Southeast Asia, can be as cheap as $30 per day, including meals!
  • Additionally, depending on your living situation and your duration of travel, you could sublet your current living accommodation or rent it out on AirBnB.

Be aware of cybersecurity!

  • Cybersecurity is becoming more important as everything is becoming computerized. Depending on your line of work, confidential information could be at risk while using public WiFi; be sure that you are permitted to use public WiFi while working, and use a VPN for an extra layer of security.

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