Jun 3, 2022

How to Grow your Instagram Page


nstagram is an extremely popular social media platform, and it can be a very useful tool for marketing your business.

However, it can be tough to grow your Instagram account and stand out from the millions of other accounts. That's why we did the research and put together this article so you can spend less time researching and more time implementing these tips and growing your brand!

The first thing to know is that you must be patient. Initial growth will be slow; people are less inclined to follow an account with few followers and posts, but if you work consistently, you will see steady growth.

When trying to grow your account, it is important to understand the different metrics that you can use to monitor your progress. Most people tend to focus solely on how many people are following them. However, engagement percentage is a more important metric for your Instagram growth.

Instagram Engagement

Instagram engagement is how many people like, comment, share, or save your post relative to how many followers you have. Engagement is important because the Instagram algorithm prioritizes accounts with higher engagement, meaning that their content is more likely to be put on the explore page and at the top of a follower's feed when they first open the app. Therefore, you want to get your engagement as high as possible for the fastest growth.

Now let's get into how to increase it.

Create a professional-looking profile

Nobody wants to follow or purchase products from an unprofessional account; keep it simple and professional, so your account doesn't look like a spam/bot account.

  • Use an aesthetically pleasing and unique profile picture
  • Add your brand name and possibly your industry.
Example of Brand name and industry

This increases the chances of being discovered when people input keywords in the search bar.

  • For example, they may look up “dropshipping” to try to find pages related to dropshipping.
Accounts that come up when you search "travel" or "dropshipping"
  • Include a brief bio
  • Add a link to your website and a call to action (eg. "Tap the link to start shopping")
@MVMT provides an excellent example of a professional-looking page with an optimized bio
  • Pick out a theme that you would like to use for your posts so they can have a clean, cohesive look.
Dior is an excellent example of a professional Instagram page with a unified/cohesive theme.

Post consistently

Consistently putting out content is the key to increasing your followers and engagement. New people won't see your posts or account if there is rarely any content for them to discover on their explore page!

For the best results, post at least once a day. This study by Tailwind demonstrates the results of posting frequency to likes and engagement.

  • But don't post more than 4x a day. Posting too much will come across as spam. Additionally, it is extremely difficult to create enough high-quality content to post more than 4x a day unless you have several people running the account!

Quality content

If you post low-quality content users will scroll past without hesitation, leaving you with a low engagement rate and slow growth. Several types of content can be published on Instagram, from posts to carousels and reels. Experiment with different kinds of content to create variation and see which types work best for your account. However, it seems that carousels provide the highest rate of engagement. Carousels allow you to provide more information than a single photo post and encourage viewers to engage. By creating a carousel with helpful information, viewers will be more likely to want to save the post for later. Therefore, one way to increase engagement is to create a carousel with some information or tips, then include a call to action on the last slide to remind viewers to save the post to find the information later.

Example of an informational carousel post with a call to action on the last slide


You don't want to spend your time creating quality content to post every day just for nobody to see it because you post at midnight, so be sure to post at appropriate times. Check your account insights to see what times your followers are most active. For most accounts, the best times will be around lunchtime (~11 am-1 pm).

  • To check your peak times go to Insights > Total followers then scroll to the bottom to see the most active times of each day
Example of most active times for followers


Hashtags help to make your content available for discovery. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, but make sure to choose ones relevant to your niche so you are attracting people who will enjoy your content and will be more likely to engage with your account.

Niche interactions

Interacting with posts and pages within your niche can also help to increase your engagement rate. People may notice your interaction, check out your page, and follow or like posts. Additionally, some people think that engaging with other Instagram accounts may benefit the algorithm.

  • Like and comment on posts from accounts that are within your niche
  • When people comment on your posts, be sure to provide meaningful responses. This can help create a more personalized connection to your viewers and possibly gain you another follower if they are not yet following you.
  • Avoid basic comments that may look like spam from bot accounts (e.g. "great post" or a single emoji). Try to give authentic comments so they will be more inclined to respond and check out your account.


Stories are another way to put out more content to help increase your engagement without flooding your followers' feed with posts. Additionally, stories offer a way to put out content that wouldn't fit in with the theme of your feed.

  • Try to post at least one story per day.
  • Use activity features (polls, Q&A, etc.) to encourage engagement.
  • Feature another brand on your story. They may share it to their story, displaying your content to a bigger audience!
Instagram story with a poll


Social media advertising is becoming more crucial than ever, don't miss out on the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers for free! With these tips in mind, you can now put them into practice and start growing your Instagram page. If you follow these tips you should see your engagement rate increase steadily, just remember to be patient, and remain consistent.

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