Jul 27, 2021

The Best Shopify Stores to Draw Inspiration From in 2024


s of July 2021, Shopify is currently responsible for powering up to 6% of all sites on the internet. While it is undoubtedly a powerful platform for e-commerce store owners, there is almost a lack of creativity involved, since most stores just reuse the same basic templates from the theme store. In this article, we'll switch things up by taking a look at the 10 best Shopify stores to draw inspiration from.

While most of them are custom designs, there are a few that have made adapted a pre-existing Shopify theme to meet their needs. If you're interested, you can check the name of a Shopify store's theme at any point using ShopThemeDetector.com.

Also, when assembling our list of the best Shopify stores,  we weren't seeking to index all of the stores in the world (there are over 1 million). Instead, we just compiled several that are well designed, do a good job of serving their target market, and have gotten creative.

Let's get started, and you'll see what we mean.

The Best Shopify Stores in 2021

#1 - GymShark

GymShark is #1 on our list of the best Shopify stores due to the detail and thought that went into the process. This brand has a cult-like following!

As one of the biggest activewear brands in the world, Gym Shark has been using Shopify since the beginning. The company is currently valued at over $1 Billion USD, and it is climbing every month. Gym Shark has one of the best affiliate networks of celebrities in the world and is known for having an extensive network of brand ambassadors and affiliates.

What we love about the Gym Shark website is the use of influencer marketing. Even though the Gym Shark home page is relatively minimalistic, it just goes to show that simplicity can perform just as well as a complicated website.

#2 - UgMonk

UgMonk is a fresh design studio that creates items for minimalist creative types. It's simple, smooth, and has great products!

UgMonk is a design company with its hands in a few different pockets. The company originally began in the apparel space, where they sold t-shirts. Since then, they have grown to other clothing and objects, and have launched two successful Kickstarters in the meantime.

The website itself is well designed, minimalist, and smooth. It's a good example of when a business has been able to successfully jump between two unrelated niches (clothing and home office supplies) simply by branding itself as a design studio. Very successful.

#3 - Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is one of the biggest cosmetics brands, and one of the most visited Shopify stores. This site made the founder a billionaire!

Kylie Cosmetics was founded by Kylie Jenner at the young age of 17, and since then, it has made her the world's youngest self-made billionaire (when she was 21). The company sells all types of skincare and cosmetic products, all of which are centered around Kylie's tastes and preferences.

The website is unique and comes with some intelligent features. There are tabs at the very top to allow users to quickly switch back and forth between the cosmetic and skin care product lines, and the entire site makes sure to capitalize on Kylie's personal brand and values. And don't get us started on the packaging... A great site, even though its success is clearly reflective of the owner's brand.

#4 - Manitoba Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks makes beautiful, traditional shoes and boots. Beautiful products, and solid branding.

Manitoba Mukluks is a niche company from Central Canada that makes and sells handmade mukluks, moccasins, and other aboriginal-inspired apparel.

The website is very cleanly designed and makes sure to capitalize on the brand's story. The home page clearly demonstrates the product's use, benefits, and history. This unification is what has allowed this small Manitoban brand to make a worldwide hit. Go see for yourself!

#5 - Package Free

Package Free is an excellent Shopify store that is taking advantage of the recent push for sustainable alternatives for household products

Package Free is a brand on a mission to change the way we look at product packaging, making it okay to not buy items covered in plastic. Simply put, this brand sells a lot of sustainable versions of everyday household items.

As for the site design, Package Free's landing page is heavily focused on highlighting their favorite products. The home page is elegant, consistent, and a bit interactive. A strong testament to what a Shopify site can look like without the extra fluff.

#6 - Maker Gear

Makergear is one of the most unconventional and best Shopify stores due to the focus on B2B and the emphasis put on educating users

MakerGear is a unique entry on this list because the site's target audience is other businesses and producers. MakerGear is a strong example of what a Shopify site can look like when you build out other aspects rather than just the products.

This company has put a lot of resources into educating its audience, which is a sign that they are confident that their products (3D Printing Supplies) can compete with the other options on the market. And it seems to be working for them. When we conducted a brief analysis on it's organic (search) traffic, the site was routinely pulling in 30,000-100,000 unique visitors per month.

#7 - Not Pot

Not Pot is one of the best Shopify stores due to their casual marketing and identifiable niche

Not Pot is a cheeky CBD website that has built its brand around pastel colors, anime, and its hilarious slogan "Chill out. It's not pot".

The site is filled with amazingly colorful product photography, hilarious sales copy, and solid merchandise. You only need to take one look at the site to understand that they are targeting a young generation of anime-lovers with CBD products, which is certainly a unique approach. This is a refreshing take on a business model that has been done over and over in recent years.

#8 - Press London

Press London makes cold-pressed fruit juices, which is the best form of juicing for preserving nutrition

Press is a brand from London that makes cold-pressed fruit juices using only the finest fruit and vegetables. Nowadays, they also sell kombucha, supplements, and other health bundles.

What we love about their website are the videos on the homepage that share the process, the minimalistic-yet-fitting logo, and how they offer more than just products. They offer a lifestyle. And their returning customer rate quite likely reflects that fact.

#9 - Naadam

Naadam is an awesome Shopify store that sells some of the highest quality Cashmere on the market

Naadam is a brand that makes cashmere products from high-quality cashmere suppliers in Mongolia. Whether you're looking at its sweaters, scarves, beanies, or anything else, there's an implicit guarantee that everything is incredibly soft and comfortable.

What we love about the Naadam site is the storytelling and focus on influencers. As soon as you hit the homepage, you're being shown a fashionable influencer who clearly loves her Naadam products. Upon scrolling down, you see fashionable product photography, and if you dig, a compelling video about the sourcing process. It's clear that this is more than just another apparel brand.

#10 - JustDuaIt

JustDuaIt is a creative ecommerce brand from Canada that blends Canadian and Islamic identities into apparel and jewelry.

JustDuaIt is an Islamic jewelry and apparel brand from Canada that made our list for the uniqueness of its offerings. In eCommerce, the importance of carving out an identifiable niche cannot be understated, and that's exactly what JustDuaIt has done.

With 5 apparel collections and 8 jewelry collections, JustDuaIt is serving up over 100 unique products to customers from around the world. Although they are the only brand on this list that is using a non-customized Shopify theme, they make up for that with a completely customized catalog of products. A+ in our books.

Wrapping Up:

And that's it! Hopefully, you enjoyed this list of the best Shopify stores to draw inspiration from in 2021. If you think that we missed any obvious choices, feel free to reach out to us at partners@dropcommerce.com.

If you would like to try building your own Shopify store, then use this link to check out their 14-day free trial. With hundreds of different themes and an unlimited amount of customization options, there's no telling what you'll be able to build!

Thanks for reading!

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